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Patients to be treated with “Music of the Brain” in Azerbaijan

Patients to be treated with “Music of the Brain” in Azerbaijan

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Date: 29 December 2015 15:39

Today, hi-tech products are being successfully applied in almost all spheres of human life, including medicine. Thus, various nervous illnesses are being effectively treated with the use of “Music of the Brain” method in the US, Israel, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic and some other countries.  Work is now underway to introduce this method of treating nervous disorders in Azerbaijan.

In his interview with journalists, doctor of medical sciences Rovshan Gasanov who participated actively in the initial tests of this method in Moscow said that “Music of the Brain” is a new non-pharmacological method of treatment of sleeping disorders, vegetative and anxiety syndromes, depression, alcoholism and drug addiction. “The method can also be used for helping healthy people to adapt to stressful working conditions.          
“Music of the Brain” method involves the use of a computer

The interesting point is that this method involves the use of a computer, which itself is a source of stress and anxiety for many people, for treating nervous disorders.” 
Patient listens to electroencephalography transformed into music

As for the essence of the method, a computer program is being created based on specially developed algorithms, which will be used for changing the functional status of sick or healthy body. With the help of this program the patient’s electroencephalography will be transformed into music. And the patient will be able to listen to this music using an audiocassette or compact disc. Electroencephalography is recorded for 15 minutes, while the patient remains in the state of relaxation.  

Visual analysis of electroencephalography is held with the use of a special program. A 5-minute episode is selected for brain synchronization. In some cases, visual analysis of electroencephalography is carried out, while the patient remains in the state of deep sleep. In such cases, episodes are selected according to the period of deep sleep. The selected electroencephalography episodes are recorded, edited and transformed into music.  Usually a piano is used as a musical instrument. By listening to music which interferes with the brain's functional condition, the brain is able to customize the state of relaxation.  
“Music of the Brain” alleviates nervous tension and creates a relaxation effect  

According to R. Hasanov, under the influence of rhythmic sounds bioelectric brain activity, autonomic and endocrine parameters change dramatically. So music alleviates nervous tension and creates a relaxation effect.  Researchers say that any music – based method of treatment must be applied to patients for a long period of time.

More than 8000 people suffering from various psychic and nervous illnesses, as well as  healthy persons working under stressful conditions, have been treated with use of this method since 1993. In particular, high results have been obtained in treatment of professional athletes, school pupils and university and college students.     

Thus, healthy people are treated with the use of “Music of the Brain” in order to help them get prepared for examinations and competitions and alleviate psycho-emotional tension created by stressful working conditions. People suffering from various psychic and nervous illnesses are treated with the use of this method in order help them to cure from insomnia, panic disorder, depression, stress headache, vegetative disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction. “Music of the Brain” is also effectively used for treating children suffering from enuresis, logoneurosis, motor tics, attention deficit and hyperactivity syndrome.  

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