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Rouhani blasts Saudi execution as ‘sectarian act’, rebukes vandals

Rouhani blasts Saudi execution as ‘sectarian act’, rebukes vandals

Tarix: 3 Yanvar 2016 14:52

Tehran, Iran, January 3

By Mehdi Sepahvand – Trend:

Saudi Arabia’s execution of Shia Cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr is un-Islamic, anti-humanistic, and in line with sectarian policies and will contribute to terrorism and extremism, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a message.

Expressing deep sorrow over Nimr’s death, Rouhani said the execution will further defame Saudi Arabia among Muslim nations, the president’s official website wrote January 3.

Nimr was a Shia cleric and critic of the Saudi government. On January 2 Riyadh executed a death sentenced for him. Iran had long warned against the execution.

Following the execution, protestors stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran and set it ablaze. Protestors also attacked Saudi consulate in Mashhad, major city in northeastern Iran.

Rouhani also condemned the protestors’ act as being disgraceful for the Islamic Republic of Iran. He required related bodies to take legal action against the protestors.

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