New Year – New Hopes

New Year – New Hopes
16:07 5 Yanvar 2016
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The hero of todays’s interview is the General Director of “BSC” LLC, Ikram Fikratoglu.

- Hello Mr. Fikratoglu, you always gave an interview to professional journalists. Today, I would like to talk about everything with you: crisis and your business? Is it easy to run it? How do you make relations with your subordinates? And generally, the meaning of the life. So, let us begin.

- Please, let us begin.

- Mr. Ikram, let us begin with the most pressing topic: "BSC" and world economic crisis. How did the world instability affect your business?

- Our main business is to present legal, financial, staffing and managemental services to those who want to engage in those areas and are intended to work with us, and at the same time to provide them with consultative and outsourcing services, also to educate them on these areas. The price of oil fell sharply in less time, stock exchanges, retreated to the "red zone", metallurgy giants’ product values are coming down, and energy costs are increasing. In their turn, banks are increasing interest rates and cut lending. In such cases any business is facing with difficult conditions such as reduction of the number of branches and employees. Outsourcing companies market can be a kind of help to stabilize the situation in the companies.

- So, do you think that the scope of your activities, on the contrary, help to overcome the crisis?

- Absolutely true. Let's examine, what does "Outsourcing" mean? “Outsourcing” is an English word that made from “outside resource using”. In the international business practice, the term defines a sequence of organizational solutions, the essence of which is to transfer some of the previously implemented self-organization functions or activities of foreign organizations or, as they say, a "third party."

Outsourcing allows you to solve problems with recruitment, training and retention of qualified staff, as well as the continuity of business processes: personnel training and their replacement on vacation and illness provided by the service provider. In addition, there is flexibility in the management of resources - companies do not need to worry about reducing the number of its employees in the changing market situation, realigning operations, reducing production volume and so on. The customer can also avoid the cost of investment in equipment and software necessary to support the transmission of business processes and their subsequent technical support, and possibly reduce the cost of maintaining the office and administrative staff.

For example, how much will it cost to keep an accountant in the company:

• salary: 600 manats;

• the tax burden from the employer to the employee for contributions to the State Social Protection Fund- 132 manats;

• rental place of business: 90 manats (6 square meter is calculated for quadrature for each employee);

• stationery goods: 60 manats;

• utilities: 25 manats.

By simple calculation you can see that the content of an average accounting cost employer on average 1000-1010 manats per month, and that's not taking into account the purchase and maintenance of office equipment, software, seminars, periodicals, telephone and Internet. And we are talking about average statistical accountant only.

- How do companies come to the necessity of outsourcing specific processes?

- In order to understand whether the company needs outsourcing, one must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing and understand exactly what the company will acquire from transition to a model of the work. Outsourcing - a transfer of a service provider outside of non-core processes of the company, the key word here is "processes" that is, these are constant, repetitive actions. Currently, outsourcing takes so large scale that more and more companies give all to the external provider. For example, half of the major manufacturers of clothing and accessories has no own production facilities and gives its patterns to factories in countries where labor force is cheap. Another example is the producers of computer and digital technology. Apple does not make its gadgets on its own, and the computers Asus and Fujitsu are often collected in the same factories, because companies do not need to keep its own production and the company reserves the development of ideas, product design, production of the main selling points, and then on the basis of hard agreements transmit this vision to an outside contractor. As a result, all are getting the benefits. The contractor gets money for the work, and the customer - savings in production, because the own assembly would be expensive. In addition, as always, the main advantages of outsourcing are: no extra staff costs and headaches associated with this, the cost of the tasks in which the company has little knowledge, and in some cases - reducing the risks. As a result, outsourcing saves time, resources and money.

- What advice would you give to those who decided to embark on outsourcing?

- Pay more attention to new projects, and the rest ...

- And “BSC” will do the rest?

-Absolutely right.

-Do you like your job?

- Life is too short to do things that you do not like!

- What do you consider the most important for the success of your company?

- Problems. Lately, they were especially a lot and now we have a great team.

-In your opinion, what is the difference between a good leader and a great leader?

-Good leader is a "handler". A great leader is a "mind-driver" or "thought-driver." In your opinion, what question does a good leader ask himself? When is the task formulated? The question is how to do it? How does a great leader formulate this question? Only in this way: who will do it?

-So a great leader is the one who can create a great team.

- Absolutely true.

-Your "Formula for success"?

- I do not like this question. Any formula for success will start to work just when you start working and not being afraid of anything.

- What are your salaries?

- Not little. But I want us to have even higher salaries as Robert Bosh said, "I do not pay good salaries because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good salaries. "

- Do you like risks?

-The risk gives life a special flavor. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Most people are deprived of financial success, because the fear of losing money is much more than the joy of wealth.

- How would you congratulate your employees for the new year?

- I would say to my colleagues. "Despite all the difficulties, the past year was a successful year thanks to your knowledge and experience, patience and mutual assistance, teamwork, mutual respect and devotion to the common cause! Let the coming year will be a reliable and stable for you and your family, and dreams and goals will be embodied! I wish you and your families peace and comfort! Your well-being is the key to our mutual success!

- We know that on January 1, you have a birthday. On your birthday we wish you always to be a support for those who are dear to you, believe in yourself and your strength to inspire others by your example, to change the world for the better and always find the bright side, even in the toughest situations. Let the crisis and the devaluation will be a stimulus for new ideas and victories!



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