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Sale of decoders in post offices is an auxiliary measure

Sale of decoders in post offices is an auxiliary measure

Tarix: 5 Noyabr 2016 13:34

The issues regarding the necessity of transition from analogue to digital broadcasting were discussed at the International Telecommunications Union in 2006, and given the preparedness of  the world’s countries for this transition, all member countries assumed the obligation to terminate analog broadcasting and switch fully to digital broadcasting in 2015.
Under this obligation, information security issues arising from external interferences into digital TV broadcasting that continued after 2015 are not considered at the international level.        
Digital broadcasting of TV programs in the territory of Azerbaijan is a technological process. As in other areas, the latest standards must be applied to television broadcasting as well. Necessary measures must be implemented to make sure that the entire territory of the country is covered with high quality digital TV broadcasting.
In Azerbaijan, the process of transition to digital TV broadcasting started in 2004. Building of a digital broadcasting network covering the whole territory of the republic began in 2011. The construction of the network was completed in 2014, and for the first time, in December of the same year, analogue broadcasting was fully terminated in the territory of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, which switched to the digital network.
Throughout this period, especially during the last few months, the public was constantly informed of the process. The population of the country was thoroughly informed about the termination of analog broadcasting in Baku and Absheron on November 1 and in other regions of the country on December 1, according to the relevant decision of the National Television and Radio Council.
For many years, electronic goods stores in Azerbaijan have been selling digital converters made by various companies to the population at different prices.  Provision of the population with household devices doesn’t fall within the competence of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies. Organization of sales of these devices at affordable prices in the post offices of Azerpost is an auxiliary measure. The purpose of this is to prevent the artificial increase in prices on decoders and to help people obtain these devices.

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