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Samsung Galaxy S8 Reportedly Undergoing Testing In China

Samsung Galaxy S8 Reportedly Undergoing Testing In China

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Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S8 in the coming months. When exactly remains to be seen, but last we heard, it might take place in April. That being said if the rumours are true, it makes sense that Samsung should be winding things up in terms of design and features, which is why it isn’t surprising to learn that the phone could already be undergoing testing.
According to the latest reports, the Galaxy S8 is apparently undergoing testing in China. Apparently these tests are being conducted earlier than expected, but then again given the snafu that was the Galaxy Note 7 and reports of Samsung not adhering to more standardized testing, we guess it makes sense that Samsung will want to test the Galaxy S8 vigorously before releasing it to the masses.
The report is claiming that there are two variants of the Galaxy S8 that are being tested. One is the “normal” Galaxy S8, while the other is supposedly the “edge” or “Plus” variant, although right now it cannot be confirmed what the official names will be. The international version and the China-bound versions are also being tested, but no word on whether or not the US versions will be tested as well, although we guess those tests could be conducted stateside and with local carriers.
In any case take it with a grain of salt, but if anything we guess it sounds like development of the Galaxy S8 is moving along nicely.

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