Information Wars: Episode II – European Games in Azerbaijan

Information Wars: Episode II – European Games in Azerbaijan
16:07 23 Aprel 2015
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Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 23

By Elmira Tariverdiyeva – Trend:

Today, if someone wants to say something bad about a country they hate for some personal reasons, any suitable occasion can be found and used - starting, for example, with a song contest or a sports event.

Anyone remembers the hype about Azerbaijan holding the Eurovision contest? That was the Episode I of the Information Wars.

Back then, many so-called human rights activists in Europe and former Azerbaijani nationals, living there on the dividends that come from the sale of their own motherland, were trying to convince everyone that Azerbaijan shouldn’t host Eurovision due to many reasons. Today, the situation repeats itself.

On Apr. 28, London will host discussions on the human rights situation on the eve of the European Games. This topic will be discussed from the point of view that Azerbaijan, using the high-level events, is trying to improve its political image on international arena, allegedly ignoring the voices of the critics within the country.

Let me object. Azerbaijan can make itself known on the international arena without holding sports events.

It is simply necessary from time to time to hold the events entitled "The EU’s biased attitude towards Azerbaijan in terms of Azerbaijani gas supplies to Europe". I think in this case Baku will significantly improve its image, since such magic words as "Southern Corridor" causes the EU’s delight and it immediately forgets about the claims against Azerbaijan.

It is obvious why our former citizens need this - it is beneficial for them, but what's the reason for West's attacks on Baku?

The deal is that the country, which lived through a severe crisis after the war with Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh, and which handled the problem with a million of refugees and IDPs, achieved great success in the economy and humanitarian spheres, managed to maintain a balance in the foreign relations between the West and the East.

Alas, finding itself on the crossing of geopolitical interests of global and regional powers, Azerbaijan started irritating many states with its successful multi-vector policy, without taking any sides.

Therefore, the West ignores Azerbaijan’s success and tries to find the country's even minor mistakes.

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