Political analyst: 'Genocide' is a personal business for some Armenian circles

Political analyst: 'Genocide' is a personal business for some Armenian circles
08:46 24 Aprel 2015
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Baku. 24 April. REPORT.AZ/ Despite some advances in the recognition of "genocide", Armenians have not been able to succeed in this field internationally, said Azerbaijani political scientist Ali Hajizadeh to Report, commenting on a series of events on April 24 on the occasion of the so-called 100th anniversary of "Armenian genocide "in Yerevan.
"I would like to note that, the Armenian side, since the 60's of the XX century, systematically and consistently engaged in the creation of infrastructure on advancement, promotion and "exploring" of the so-called "Armenian genocide". By the end of 1990 all the necessary infrastructure was created for this aim. And what we see now is, in fact, results of operations and products of the infrastructure are in play now", said A.Hajizadeh.
The expert stressed that, the Armenians with such methods have already made "significant progress".
Political analyst added that, however, we are not talking about the staggering success of which would have a global dimension, as would like the Armenian side.
He said that, the achievements of the Armenian side to some extent, have less to do with a consistent activity of the Armenian side, as a weak opposition of Turkey and Azerbaijan, and the presence of certain turkophobic circles in the West enjoyed by the Armenian Diaspora for their own purposes.
"This is a continuation of the campaign for the recognition of "Armenian genocide", the purchase of historians, journalists and politicians, who are willing to recognize the genocide, and the requirements of monetary compensation and territorial concessions from Turkey", said the expert.
According to him, the Armenian side can achieve anything in this matter from Turkey, but Armenians have no other option, as these requirements are "the logical continuation of the entire company to promote the 'genocide'".
"It's important to know tha,t the Armenian side has certain nationalist circles that use the genocide issue for personal business. And they never allow the Armenian Diaspora to turn off halfway", summed up the political scientist.

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