Baku 2015 European Games great chance for young competitors to get more experience (PHOTO)

Baku 2015 European Games great chance for young competitors to get more experience (PHOTO)
13:27 24 Aprel 2015
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Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.24

Baku 2015 European Games will be held on june 12-28 in Azerbaijan. Millions of people want to come Azerbaijan to watch first European Games in Baku. One of them is Charlie Southwell. He wants to come Azerbaijan with his wife Hazel Southwell. They say "Hello Baku". It should be mentioned that Charlie Southwell is 27 and works in Marketing in UK London. Here is interview with him.

- Mr Charlie, have you ever been Azerbaijan?
-I have never been to Azerbaijan, but I would love to visit and see your beautiful country. The mountains look mesmerising. And your cities are gorgeous, they have so much character. I'd love to see the Flame towers in Baku and I hear there is also lots of street art that I'd love to see.

-What do you think about Azerbaijan?
-I visited Georgia last year and fell in love with the Caucus region so I would love to visit. From the photos I have seen.

-Will you come to Baku 2015 European Games?
-I have entered a competition to come to the Baku games, although I haven't heard if I will win yet. Also, I hear the food in Azerbaijan is incredible. I must get to try some Qutab

-What do you think about Baku games?
-The Baku games will be a fantastic way for the Western to see more of the great side of Azerbaijan.

-Have any information of the UK people about Baku games?
-I think some people in the UK may have heard of the Baku games, but our media and journalists will write more about it as it gets closer to starting in June.

-Have you any friend wants to came to watch Baku games?
-A few.

-How long will you stay in Azerbaijan?

-I'm not sure. I haven't booked any flights yet. But if it all goes to plan at least a week.

-Could you say how Baku games will influence to European sports?
-I think European Sports will benefit by being more competitive internationally - and by embracing more meets prior to the Olympics. It's a great chance for young competitors to get more experience too.

-What is your expectations from this games?
-I hope we win some medals in the cycling and swimming. Cycling is my favourite sport.

-With whom would you like to meet in Azerbaijan?
-I'm not sure who we'd meet in Azerbaijan, but I am sure I'd meet locals and talk over food.

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