'Armenian genocide', or West and Russia became hostages of Armenian fiction

'Armenian genocide', or West and Russia became hostages of Armenian fiction
15:06 24 Aprel 2015
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Baku. 24 April. REPORT.AZ/ Europeans accuse the Turks not only for the fact that, they approach to events emotionally, and they don't guide by cold reason, also recommend patience. However, transforming of the West and Russia to hostages of Armenian fiction makes their advice to Turks some inappropriate.
Approach to the events of a century ago with the position of the current political and legal realities is a good sample of their lack of logic.
Today, in regard with events, which occurred in 1915 in the Ottoman Empire during the resettlement, the event is held in Armenia to commemorate "genocide". The event was attended by French President Francois Hollande, the head of Russia Vladimir Putin, representatives of a number of Western countries and the US Finance Minister.
Events of hundred years ago today repeated in a slightly different form. During the First World War, Russia and France, wanting to split the Ottoman Empire, attacked it with a gun. And now put pressure on Turkey, supporting propaganda based on the fictional Armenian claims.
However, in the present circumstances, those who support and protect the "Armenian genocide", fanning hostility between Armenia and Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Thus, they interfere with the settlement of the conflict between Turkey and Armenia and Azerbaijan. They like behavior for the establishment of peace, stability, democracy and economic development in the region. Through Armenia they are trying to realize their dreams, to put themselves at the mercy of the countries in the region, including Turkey.
The question arises: why those who defend the claims of Armenians, don't support Turkey's proposal to open archives? Antiturkey, anti-Muslim attitude that they express, even a hundred years later, shows that their anger a hundred years ago is still warm, and the idea of the destruction of the Turkic states are still on the agenda.
History has proven that those, who now plays Armenian card to prevent the development of the Turks, know how to unite against the Turks in any matter. And today, these countries have expressed intolerance to the development of the Turks, have a selective pressure.
Such behavior they demonstrate the unfair treatment of the Turks. Their goal is to hurt the feelings of the Turks in order to then submit them "savages." To hide his weakness and unfair position, Armenians and their supporters in their history books hundreds of years are Turks "savages," "bloodsuckers". In other words, there are plans to start a new game with respect to the Turkic countries in the world and create a picture of the Turkish threat. The event, organized in Yerevan, also proves it.
With regard to the political and diplomatic side events can make the following assumptions:
- Visit of the Presidents of France and Russia in Yerevan testifies that Moscow and Paris - the main sponsors of the campaign on "Armenian genocide". They put pressure on Turkey and Azerbaijan, hiding behind Armenia. Hollande and Putin's visit to Yerevan suggesting that in the future Armenia will be "transferred" in France.
- President Barack Obama is sending the Minister of Finance in Yerevan, in fact, wants to show that Armenia is satisfied with such a buzz on the other end. This Washington hinted that the main concern of Armenia is money.
- As a toy in the hands of world powers, Armenia participates in the campaign against the Turks, for which annually receives from them adequate financial assistance.
- The event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the victory of Canakkale (Gallipoli Battle) United States will be represented at the ambassadorial level. This can be taken as an indication that Washington's attitude toward Ankara has not changed.
- Participation of the representative of the British royal family - Prince at the event in Turkey gives reason to believe that London believes victory of Canakkale historical event, etc.
And here it's necessary to touch the planned April 25 visit of French President Francois Hollande to Azerbaijan. Visit of the current master of the Elysee Palace in Baku can be considered a manifestation of politeness, because Paris has long proved that as a mediator in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, it's on the side of Armenia.
It's interesting that, while Turkey is undue pressure because of the events of a century ago, no steps are taken to withdraw troops occupying forces from Azerbaijani lands.
Thus, the behavior of Russia and France gives reason to assume that, this year we should not expect any steps towards the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and liberation of Azerbaijani lands.

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