No point to expect US influence to get stronger in Central Asia – expert

No point to expect US influence to get stronger in Central Asia – expert
16:22 24 Aprel 2015
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Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.24

By Elena Kosolapova – Trend:

There is no point to expect the US to have very successful policy in Central Asia in the next ten years, Luca Anceschi, lecturer at the British University of Glasgow said in an interview with Trend.

The US doesn’t come to this region with a new approach, said Anceschi, adding that the country has the same approach to this region as 20 years ago which turned out to be unsuccessful.

The US has no stronger ties with Central Asian countries, because it was in Afghanistan for a long time, he said., adding that China and Russia have greater influences in Central Asia, since they both share borders with this region.

Anceschi added that Russia and Central Asia are bound by historical and cultural links.

Moreover, Russia has a desire to strengthen its political influence in the region, especially through the Eurasian Economic Union, he said, reminding that Kazakhstan has already become the member of this union and Kyrgyzstan also plans to join it.

Furthermore, the expert said China’s influence in the Central Asia is confined to the economy and investments in many projects that are being implemented there, adding that China has no political goals in this region.

“But I think it is more important to look at what the states in the region do and want,” said Anceschi. “Talking about only the great powers is not the most sophisticated way to understand what Central Asia really is about.”

The expert said he doesn’t think the things will change much in the relations of Central Asian countries with Russia, China and the US until the current generation of leaders is in power in the region’s countries.

The factor that can have a significant impact on the Central Asia is the possible lift of West sanctions imposed on Iran, according to Anceschi.

He added that if the West and Iran succeed to come to an agreement, the Central Asian countries will get a new opportunity for contacts on the international arena and ways for exporting energy resources.

All this can strongly change the situation in the region, according to the expert.

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