Turkey wants Canakkale to be example of peace, not hostility, to all nations – Erdogan

Turkey wants Canakkale to be example of peace, not hostility, to all nations – Erdogan
18:03 24 Aprel 2015
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[ 24 April 2015 18:40 ]

“That is the solution of terrorism, racism and islamophobia”

Baku. Ramiz Mikayiloglu – APA. A hundred years ago, our soldiers gave their lives without hesitation, to defend their homeland, their honor. And the soldiers that had come from all over the world fought with bravery to fulfill their ambitions. We remember them all with respect.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the remarks Friday at the event dedicated to the 100th anniversary the victory in the Battle of Canakkale


According to the Turkish president, the fates of nations not involved in the Battle of Canakkale were also affected by this battle.


“Representatives of some nations that were indirectly affected by the battle are also represented here at this event. The shattering traces of World War I are still lingering. To send a peace message to the whole world, Canakkale I think is a very suitable place. Because this battle itself was also carrying humanitarian messages,” said Erdogan.


He also said the battle that was fought 100 years ago in Gallipoli has remained in the common memory of nations.


“Along with being our symbol of victory, Canakkale is also a place where we gave significant losses. That is why folk songs dedicated to Canakkale have been sung till today. This battle buried into earth the dreams of hundreds of young people. These young people were not only soldiers, but also people, and treated others as a human being. One of our soldiers, who helped a wounded French soldier with his mother’s photo in his hand, said ‘I don’t have a mother but he has a mother waiting for him’. There were many such scenes during the Canakkale Battle. We can’t remember those events without our eyes filled with tears. Our duty is to prevent new battles. On behalf of all of us, I once again reiterate that we are determined to work toward the peace to dominate the world,” the Turkish president noted.


Erdoğan quoted Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who participated in the Canakkale Battle.


“Atatürk said that those who came here to fight with us are our children after their death. The duty of the new generation is to master the message of friendship and peace. We want Canakkale to be example of peace, not hostility, to all nations. That is the solution of terrorism, racism and islamophobia. We strive for any cooperation to make these hundred years a century of reconciliation. I bow before all the heroes from every nations, who fought in the Canakkale battle”, noted the president. 

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