BlackBerry CEO skeptical about foldable smartphones

BlackBerry CEO skeptical about foldable smartphones
18:34 11 Mart 2019
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Samsung and Huawei are putting a lot of efforts on foldable phones since they believe these handsets represents the future of mobile devices. People are every day in need of bigger displays and a smartphone which can transform into a tablet could be the best for a lot of users. But BlackBerry CEO John Chen does not share the same opinion. According to Chen, besides carrying a very high price, these devices are too bulky.
He wouldn’t let anyone outside of lab testing at its company buy a foldable phone. And according to him, there are no breakthroughs on the horizon after fingerprint readers, facial recognition and iris scanners. Only time will tell us if the BlackBerry CEO is right or not: after all, foldable phones are still not on the shelves.
The first foldable phone to hit the global market will be the Samsung Galaxy Fold and it will probably be available starting from May, with a starting price tag of about $2,000. After that, in summer, Huawei Mate X with a totally different concept (the foldable screen is placed externally) will hit the market as well. According to reports, Samsung is even working on two more foldables.

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