Internet too slow? 8 easy tricks give you a quick speed boost

Internet too slow? 8 easy tricks give you a quick speed boost
10:34 8 Aprel 2019
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SLOW internet speeds are never fun yet so many of us put up with them for far too long.
A Virgin Media spokesperson explained: "Countless in-home factors can impact WiFi signal.
"This can be anything from the location of the router to the size and position of your furniture, the thickness of your walls or even how many people are in a room.
"WiFi generally struggles to pass through liquid and as humans are full of liquid, we can all hamper WiFi signals."
With these factors in mind, the following are eight easy tips for you to try and get quicker browsing speeds.
Clear your cache
Clearing the cache on your browser could make it run faster.
A cache is just a collection of data which your device is storing.
To clear your cache in a Google Chrome browser you need to click on the vertical three dots in the top right hand corner and then click 'More tools'.
Next you need to click  'Clear browsing data' and select the time frame and the data you want to delete and then click 'Clear data'.
Get the latest browser
Trying to browse on an old version of your browser of choice can really slow you down.
Most browsers have simple guides online of how you can check you're on the latest version.
Just search the one relevant to you and follow the steps that may lead to a quicker connection.
Update your anti-virus software
Antivirus and malware-scanning software can be crucial for protecting your computer from hackers and viruses and malware can slow it down.
Programs that are running in the background without you knowing can affect your browsing speeds.
If you want to check what is running on your computer then go to Task Manager and close anything that you don't need which is taking up too much memory and CPU.
Re-position your router
The location of your WiFi router is everything when it comes to connection.
Try and position your router as high as possible and see if it improves the speed.
If not, try placing it in different rooms around the house and working out which location is best.
Avoid windows
This next point may seem obvious but it's easily misinterpreted.
If you put your router near a window then some of the signal will be sent outside and therefore won't be as strong in the centre of the building.
It is also advisable to avoid putting routers near fish tanks as the water can absorb the signal and reduce the distance it can travel.
Password protect your router
If you live in an urban or suburban area and don't have a password on your router then there's a chance people are connecting to your WiFI and using up your bandwidth.
Sometimes people do this unintentionally if their devices are set to automatically connect to any WiFi.
Creating a WiFi password or changing it if you think people outside of your household know it means you can control how many devices are being connected.
Watch out for black spots
You may not be aware of 'black spots' but you're home is likely to have some.
Positioning a router in these areas can lead to a slow connection.
A Virgin Media spokesperson explained: "If your home is big, has thick walls or certain types of insulation, some rooms might get a weaker signal – a WiFi 'blackspot'."
The Virgin Media Connect app is a quick tool which you can download and use to scan your home for WiFi blackspots.

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