Huaweis first Harmony OS device is the Honor Vision smart TV

Huaweis first Harmony OS device is the Honor Vision smart TV
16:34 14 Avqust 2019
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Huawei’s recently announced Harmony OS has finally made it to the screen of an upcoming device. No, it isn’t installed on a smartphone or any mobile-shaped device. Shortly after announcing its new multi-platform operating system, Huawei has launched the first devices running on Harmony, an Honor smart TV series named Honor Vision.
The Honor Vision is a 55in 4K smart TV jam-packed with some nifty smart features. It features a pop-up camera that uses a Huawei neural processing unit (NPU) for facial recognition, body tracking and posture detection. We’re not quite convinced on that last one — but sure Honor, go ahead and fix those postures.
It also features an image sharing platform that works via Wi-Fi, and is basically a smart home hub, like we’ve seen with many other smart TVs like those from Samsung and Skyworth.
The Honor Vision is also equipped with Huawei’s Wi-Fi chipset that supports a download speed of up to 1.7Gbps, as well as the company’s Honghu 818 octa-core display chipset, which supports HDR, local dimming and noise reduction. There are also two Honor Vision variants, with the basic specs being the same — a 55in display with a 4K resolution, HDR and 2GB of RAM. The main differentiator here is storage space. There is a 16GB version, and a 32GB version. Each comes at its own price.
When they go on sale on August 15th, the Honor Vision will run ¥3,799 (approximately $540), while the Honor Vision Pro will retail for ¥4,799 (approximately $680).

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