Five major technology trends of 2015

Five major technology trends of 2015
15:39 14 Dekabr 2015
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This year was a turning point in many areas of technology. Here are five major trends in 2015 by expert laboratories of innovation CommBank Innovation Lab. 

Internet of Things

Over the next three to four years will be online in about 50 billion gadgets. This variety of "smart" sensors that will provide data about their status and working conditions that will change our reality. For example, you can turn on the lights in the apartment with his fitness bracelet. 

A virtual reality

Previously, to immerse themselves in the digital world could only ardent gamers. Today, virtual reality technology used in stores, and in the tourism and entertainment industry. Travelers, for example, will be able to go before the departure to the hotel and look at his numbers. 

Large data

This year has shown that the data collection and analysis can be of great benefit and provide answers to complex questions. 

"Every day we are creating more information than a decade ago - says the expert CommBank Innovation Lab. - Analysis of these data makes it possible to make informed decisions and to forecast ". 


The robots, unmanned cars, drones - experts say that we are on the threshold of an automated world. They stipulate that in some countries in the next two decades, the machine will operate at 50% of jobs. 


Bitcoin virtual currency type, which this year became popular work so that each user has a list of completed transactions and others. This is called blokcheynom, and experts see great potential of this approach,. After all, it makes it easy to set the host to some thing or object. It is enough to look into blokcheyn and read him the necessary information. This is especially useful in logistics - manufacturer, not only will always know who is supplying components for its production. He also will know who made a part of these components and the ways in which they were traveling.