Process of replacement of paper employment certificates with electronic employment certificates speeds up

16:14 14 Dekabr 2015
Ölkə mətbuatı
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The “Certificate of employment” electronic service, which plays an important role in the process of replacing paper certificates with electronic certificates, is one of the electronic services that are being used most often by the citizens of the country.

The e-service is so popular among the population of the republic because by using it, citizens can very easily obtain a certificate of employment and submit it electronically to the relevant organization.  

   Citizens can also print out a certificate of employment in order to present it to the relevant organization in paper form. The “Certificate of employment” electronic service, which is being provided to the population of the republic through the E-government portal, was used in November this year 25570 times, which is 2.5 times more than in January 2015.

The electronic service relieves the citizen from the necessity of applying to the relevant employees of the organization where he/she works. So the citizen no longer has to spend much of his/her time on obtaining a certificate of employment.

The certificate holds information on the employer, including his/her contact number, date of signing of the employment contract, employee's personal data, and so on. At the same time, an organization, to which the certificate is presented, can check on the E-government portal the accuracy of information held in the certificate.

As of 01 December 2015, the “Certificate of employment” electronic service, which was launched in December last year, had been used a total of 203320 times.