BHOS student: “We will always honor memories of lost oilmen”

BHOS student: “We will always honor memories of lost oilmen”
13:37 18 Dekabr 2015
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Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec.18


Mustafa Asgarov is third year student of Baku Higher Oil School studying in the Petroleum Engineering program.

The death of oilmen as a result of the accident on Gunashli Platform rig #10 deeply upset everyone.

BHOS students, future oilmen, pay a tribute to the memory of the lost oilmen.

Mustafa Askerov is one of those who is committed to continue the work of the lost oilmen.

- What are the advantages of studying at BHOS? What role does it play in your development as a future specialist?

- It is advantageous to study at BHOS, as it provides with the contemporary knowledge and skills. BHOS is the way for us to become professional oil specialists. Another advantage this higher school has is the training program which integrates theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Moreover, the studies enable us to expand our knowledge and form our world outlook, while facilitating our personal and professional development.

- What kind of perspectives and opportunities will you have studying petroleum engineering?

- Historically Azerbaijan is a country of oil industry. Our country will always need good specialists for developing its petroleum industry. I believe I can achieve my goal of becoming a professional engineer and serve my country by studying in this programme offered by BHOS.

- Don’t you shrink from the challenges of this profession?

- Although petroleum engineering is a really challenging profession, it is also an honorable one. However, if a person loves the work he is doing, then he should not be afraid of its difficulties. Rather, over the centuries, humans have used to overcome challenges, and they survived and continued their existence and development. One can achieve nothing without hard work.

- And what about the tragedy that happened on Gunashli Platform rig10? Aren’t you afraid of the outcomes? Are you committed to have the courage and bravery to continue the work of the oilman who tragically died while on duty?

- Very significant measures have recently been taken to improve the national oil and gas sector while standard health and safety regulations are applied to prevent potential accidents in this industry. We all know that these rules have been strictly adhered to and relevant evacuation procedures have been implemented during the latest rig accident. Yet, a petroleum engineer must have the relevant knowledge and skills to be confident and not to panic in such situations. As future oil workers, we will always honor the memories of the lost oilmen and do our best to continue the work they have been engaged in.

Availing myself of this opportunity, I would also like to congratulate you on the occasion of the New Year and extend to you my best wishes of successful and prosperous year.

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