BHOS young lecturer: “I need to be in constant search and development”

BHOS young lecturer: “I need to be in constant search and development”
10:57 29 Dekabr 2015
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Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 29


Sevda Zargarova was born in 1987 in Baku. In 2004, she graduated physics, mathematics and IT oriented lyceum in Baku. The same year having gathered 666 points based on entrance exam organized by the State Students’ Admission Commission (SSAD) Sevda was admitted to Caucasus University and won presidential scholarship.

Studying at Caucasus University in 2004-2005 she was admitted to study at Middle East Technical University (METU, Turkey) - Chemical Engineering Department, undergraduate program. In 2010, Sevda graduated the said university with distinction and the same year she was admitted to study in Hacettepe University, Turkey - Chemical Engineering Department, graduate program. After successful completion of the studies in 2013, Sevda returned to home country and since October 2013 she has been working for BHOS chemical engineering department as a lecturer. Since 2014 she has been studying at PhD level on oil chemistry specialization at Oil and Chemical Processes Institute named after Y. H. Mammadaliyev. Currently Sevda is a senior lecturer of the same department.

- How did you come to take interest in chemistry? How did you decide to study abroad?

- I always took interest in technical sciences. As for natural sciences chemistry has always been of special interest for me. My mother teaches chemistry at the secondary school. She teaches us that chemistry is not only technical science but at the same time she shows its applied sides. The events we encounter daily show us their chemical sides and my mother teaches us the scientific meaning of the former. Actually the idea of studying abroad was unexpected for me. Being at secondary school I took second and third places as a participant of mathematics contests held locally and nationwide. Because of my excellent performance I was invited to an exam organized by BP. Based on high performance level I won BP scholarship at the same time opportunity to study abroad. Since the very start of my education I was convinced of how right my decision was. As I went to the particulars of my profession I realized the importance of creation of chemical engineering specialization in Azerbaijan.

- What are the advantages and differences of studying abroad?

- One of the advantages of studying abroad is that you start comprehending the meaning of the word ‘homeland’ as well as devotion, duties and responsibilities in this connection. You start your formation as an independent personality in a short period of time. The next advantage is that you communicate with people who are different from you - you contact people representing different cultures.

- Where did you start your working activity? Do you remember your first salary?

- My first working activity is connected with my summer internship at BP and I got paid for the first time there. I’d prefer to keep the sum of my first salary in secret. However, I am more proud of my scholarships that I ever won. During my studies I won four scholarships: the presidential scholarship, BP scholarship, Caucasus University scholarship, and scholarship of the Turkish ministry.

- How did you start your career at BHOS?

- When I heard about establishment of new higher school I decided to apply. I was extremely encouraged by teaching methods, e-lectures available at BHOS. At the same time conducting all courses in English at BHOS was also very significant for me. I was glad to give all lectures in English as I studied all courses in the English language. Very shortly BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov invited me to BHOS and I started working as a lecturer at BHOS engineering department.

- As a young lecturer what responsibilities do you assume while working with BHOS professors and young people?

- As a young lecturer, I think, working for the higher school is interesting and very responsible. I think about mastering lecturing skills while I work with experienced professors. I do my best to follow recommendations by experienced professors of BHOS departments. As a young lecturer I find it very interesting to work with students. I also like witnessing dynamic development of young people and their becoming mature persons. At the same time, I need to be in constant search and development when working with students having grand potential.

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