Panasonic develops stretchable printed circuit board

Panasonic develops stretchable printed circuit board
15:29 29 Dekabr 2015
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Panasonic has developed stretchable insulating film, which can be used in future flexible electronic devices.
The material can withstand stretching 2.5 times its original length, and then returns to its original shape. The Japanese manufacturer has also developed a transparent electrode and conductive paste.

This newly developed material is an insulating film material that stretches and returns to its original shape, a feature that is hard to find in conventional flexible materials.

According to the publication Nikkei, the development is based on the company’s proprietary stretchable resin technology. Insulating film material capable of relaxing internal stresses arising from stretch and withstands repeated use. This is confirmed by tests carried out by Panasonic.

Ordinary conductive metal would break when its base material stretches or contracts. Due to this problem, it is not easy to use metal wiring in complex printed circuit boards.