Manufacturer invents chocolate that won't melt

Manufacturer invents chocolate that won't melt
13:06 5 Yanvar 2016
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Baku, January 5, AZERTAC
Now a Swiss chocolatier says they have cracked the formula which could mean an end to sticky sweet brown liquid leaking from chocolate wrappers on warm summer's days, the website said.
But one of Australia's most well-known confectionary manufactures has warned that while non-melting bars might seem like sweet salvation it could actually destroy much of the sublime pleasure of indulging in chocolate.
Barry Callebaut, a Zurich-based company which is one of the biggest players in wholesale chocolate, has begun selling a heat-resistant concoction that stays solid in temperatures up to 38C.
The chocolate is being specifically aimed at countries with warmer climates that have historically shunned chocolate and instead opted for biscuits that can stand up to the heat.
Barry Callebaut's chief executive Antoine de Saint-Affrique, said creating chocolate that keeps its shape in tropical heat and stays just as moorish could, "fundamentally change the game."
It's not the first time chocolate manufacturers have tried to come up with a solution to the incredible melting chocolate bar.
The secret was in the production process where chocolate boffins were able to adapt the ingredients so the sugar was reduced into smaller particles and needed to be covered in less fat, making the bar less susceptible to melting, reported the UK's Telegraph newspaper.
Meanwhile, Cadbury's fierce rival Nestle filed a patent in the same year for a chocolate recipe that would see the centers of the sweets go gooey on hot days but the 'tropicalized shell', or exterior, retain its shape.
"The chocolate product remains dry to the touch and does not stick to its wrapper, or adopt the shape of the wrapper, even when exposed to temperatures above the melting range of the fat composition," said the application.