BHOS striving to become educational institution of int’l level

BHOS striving to become educational institution of int’l level
11:07 11 Yanvar 2016
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Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan. 11


Rovshan Budagov was born in 1992 in Nakhchivan. After finishing school № 43 in Baku in 2009 Rovshan continued his education in Charles University, Czech Republic, joining the preparation courses.

Having successfully completed the said courses in 2010, Rovshan was admitted to study at the higher school and in 2014 he gained BBA degree from Anglo-American University of Prague. He also got Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Azerbaijan State Economics University.

After completing his military service he joined BHOS working for International Relations Department.

- How did you get interested in economics?

- I’ve always been interested in economics, and economic development of Azerbaijan rekindled my interest in the said field. As the first year of studies in Czech Republic was a preparatory program, it gave us the chance to select the specialization we would like to major in. That is, I was attending various courses within a year and having passed the exam on the selected specialization I continued my education.

While studying economics related subjects, I realized that Azerbaijan could benefit in case some principles of the Czech economic system are applied in our national economy. This was one of the main reasons for giving preference to the mentioned field.

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of education abroad compared with the one in Azerbaijan?

- One of the principal differences is that foreign education systems are mainly focused on experience. A very good balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is maintained. Another crucial moment was that education was based on computerized system what significantly facilitated students’ work. For instance, one can use online recourses of the university even being outside from the country. Library system was perfectly organized. Students have broad access to diverse online resources and university offered well recognized databases. Thus, we were able to acquire knowledge from various recourses apart from the one gained from manuals and books. We also enjoyed the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with diverse cultures and enlarge our world outlook. Learning diverse cultures contributes in the process of establishing further successful international business relations. In addition, living abroad for a long time changes your lifestyle, you have to independently overcome all challenges which consequently helps you to gain a grand life experience. Meanwhile, we also used every opportunity to promote Azerbaijani culture abroad.

- Could you tell us about your involvement in students’ activities in Czech Republic?

- During my stay in Czech Republic from 2009 to 2014, I was actively involved in organization of numerous events as a member of Azerbaijan Youth Organization. We participated in various events dedicated to the celebration of Novruz Holiday, organized events to commemorate tragic events of January 20 and Khojaly Genocide in order to present a truthful picture of the realities of Azerbaijan, at the same time contributing largely in promotion of our national, cultural and traditional values. I really tried hard in order to raise awareness on our culture and history among foreign people.

- Being a young person what can you say about your responsibility at a higher education institution?

I am working for BHOS International Relations Department. One of the priority directions of this department is establishing cooperation with national and international companies engaged in petroleum, chemical and process automation engineering fields. Along with broad cooperation spheres, this partnership in turn encompasses potential internship opportunities offered to our students.

To me more exact, owing to these kind of partnership relations, our students have an opportunity to take internship offered by the companies which enables them to gain the necessary practical skills I was talking about before.

BHOS has chosen the way of development striving to become an educational institution of international level. I am convinced that my activities will also be a contribution in this direction. Our National Leader Heydar Aliyev always attached great significance to science and education, and once said: “Education is the future of the youth”. I believe we as his young followers should approach this issue with due responsibility.

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