Researchers develop sensor may detect cancer from breath

Researchers develop sensor may detect cancer from breath
12:59 11 Yanvar 2016
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Japanese researchers are developing a miniature high-precision sensor, with which it will be possible to determine the presence of human cancer or other serious diseases of breathing.

According to local media, the project involves several major Japanese companies, as well as the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) and Osaka University.

It is assumed that the sensor is capable of detecting substances in a person’s exhalations with high accuracy by analyzing the odor of the breath. In the future, it may become possible for an individual to easily check their health by connecting a sensor to a smartphone. The sensor determines whether there are substances peculiar to cancer patients’ breath and calculates whether a person is suspected to have cancer. Results  are displayed on the screen of the device.

Researchers have created a prototype of the device, but its development will take several years, ICTnews online news service reports quoting website.

According to oncologists, early detection is a major factor in the successful treatment of a disease. The new sensor should solve this problem.