Iran calls for int'l fight against “IS-breeders”

Iran calls for int'l fight against “IS-breeders”
15:12 11 Yanvar 2016
40 Dünya
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Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) of Iran Ali Shamkhani urged international and regional fight against those countries which help create a breeding ground for terrorist groups like the “Islamic State”.

He made the remarks in a meeting with visiting ex-German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder on Jan. 11, Iran’s official IRNA news agency reported.

Saudi Arabia should select either to support Takfiri groups in order to destabilize the region or step onto the path towards the real cooperation and constructive interaction in line with ensuring security and stability, said Shamkhani.

Appreciating Germany's role in intensive nuclear talks before reaching the landmark July 14 agreement, Shamkhani said today is a proper opportunity for accelerating the process of economic cooperation regarding the time of implementation of nuclear agreement which is so close.

Iran's stable policies in the region as well as its efforts to create a safe atmosphere for investment have attracted foreign companies to invest in the country, he said.

He further stressed importance of preventing the endeavors, made by Saudi Arabia, Israel and extremists in the US, from putting hindrances to the implementation of the nuclear agreement, better known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

On the contrary to all those efforts, Iran is willing to widen its (international) relations in line with solving the existing crises, he added.

Referring to the recent damage to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran caused by 'illegal' gathering in front of that compound, Shamkhani said Iran will take serious action towards such elements.

He added Tehran is faithful to its commitments according to the international conventions.

The crisis erupted between Riyadh and Tehran after execution of a prominent Shia cleric, Nimr al-Nimr by Saudis on Jan. 2. Afterwards, angry Iranian protesters attacked Saudi embassy in Tehran and consulate in Mashhad. Right after the attacks on its diplomatic missions, the Saudi Arabia said it severed ties with the Islamic Republic.

Bahrain, Sudan, Djibouti, and the UAE also rallied to Saudi Arabia's side, breaking off or downgrading relations with Iran.

On Tehran-Berlin relations, Shamkhani said Iran is ready to cooperate with Germany in exchanging nano, technological, nuclear and energy fields.

For his part, the German politician said his country and the European states are against fanning the flames of religious conflicts.

Schroder then appreciated Tehran's political, military and security efforts to deal with threats posed by terrorist groups.

He further stressed expansion of cultural and economic cooperation between the two nations during the post-sanctions era.

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