Apple iPhone 7 is inferior to competitors in autonomy

Apple iPhone 7 is inferior to competitors in autonomy
12:34 4 Oktyabr 2016
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When Apple introduced the iPhone 7, it stated that the flagship is working two hours longer than last year’s iPhone 6S. After the smartphone was dismantled, it became known that it comes with a battery capacity of 1 960 mAh, which by today’s standards is incredibly small. But don’t forget that the device runs the iOS operating system, so the indicators of autonomy in the case of Android devices with similar capacity batteries will be very different. The British company Which? conducted a series of tests that revealed that iPhone 7 is inferior to the autonomy of the other flagships this year. In comparison participated the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC and LG G5 10.
Which? is quite a reputable organization. She uses advanced scientific tests designed to eliminate many variables that can interfere with a random comparison of different devices. Experts use their own source of the mobile network signal on the phone he was on the same level. All devices were exposed to the same level of brightness.
When viewing web content over 3G showed the best result HTC 10 which in this mode has worked for 790 minutes. The worst time revealed the iPhone 7 is only 615 minutes. As for talking on 3G, and then HTC showed their best side, after 1 859 minutes. iPhone 7 lasted significantly less – only 712 minutes, which is more than two times less compared to the competitors.
It is important to note that the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 LG G5 with a slightly larger size of the installed batteries with a capacity of about 3000 mAh, and that affected the final results. Also important are the various techniques of saving energy.