Insurance companies have begun implementing electronic signatures

17:34 5 Oktyabr 2016
Ölkə mətbuatı
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A number of insurance companies in Azerbaijan have started carrying out online insurance operations with the use of electronic signatures.
Thus, Mbask,  Khalg, Atashgah and AZ-Sigorta insurance companies has already begun issuing insurance policies to citizens online. These insurance companies were integrated into the signature system, which operates on the server created by the National Certification Services Centre of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies.   
Note that the server system can automatically sign certificates and other important documents issued by originations providing online payment, banking and other electronic services on behalf of the authorized employees of these organizations.
Note that the server-based signature system is absolutely safe. The keys are protected by USB-token, ensuring their sustainability. The system automatically produces a million signatures a year. Organizations wishing to use the service can contact the National Certification Services Centre for obtaining a signature certificate and service key for a server signature.