goTenna will allow you to communicate even when there is no network

goTenna will allow you to communicate even when there is no network
11:34 6 Oktyabr 2016
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Smartphones are dumb in the absence of internet access or network coverage. goTenna is the ultimate solution that will relegate the no network issue to the past, where it rightly belongs. goTenna creates its own radio-based mesh to allow the smartphones to communicate over long distances.
The original goTenna was a small radio antenna connected to the smartphone via a Bluetooth. The accompanying Android or iOS app for goTenna allowed the users to transmit text messages privately or broadcast them publically. The standard edition of the device also allowed the users to send GPS data to the other users. The device could transmit over a distance of 2 miles.
Unlike the first generation of the goTenna devices that communicate from one device to the other while they are in the range of each other, goTenna Mesh relies on an elaborate network of the goTenna Mesh devices for communication. The use of goTenna Mesh enhances the range dramatically and allows the devices to communicate even when they are not within the range of each other.
goTenna Mesh tripled its range by employing the ‘military-grade mesh networking.’ The device can cover an area of one mile in urban areas and up to three miles in open country. The goTenna Mesh gets stronger as more users are added to it. The range automatically falls in the mountainous regions or built up areas. goTenna automatically detects and selects the free/unused public radio frequencies for communication. End-to-end encryption ensures secure communication even though the messages are routed through the devices of the other users, acting as relay nodes.
goTenna Mesh device weighs 48 grammes. The device is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around. goTenna Mesh can also come in handy in emergency situations, in crowded areas or events like festivals, or even to avoid roaming charges as you travel.
The Li-ion battery allows the Mesh over 24-hours standby time. goTenna Plus comes with value-added services like access to topographic maps, location sharing with contacts, trip statistics, automated GPS tracking, etc. goTenna is currently live on Kickstarter and the developers of the device promise shipping by December.