Azerbaijani-Israeli relations in spotlight of RTVI

Azerbaijani-Israeli relations in spotlight of RTVI
20:46 10 Oktyabr 2016
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Baku, October 10, AZERTAC

“Today, A strong and independent Azerbaijan successfully carries out A multi-vector foreign policy. Thanks to successful geopolitical and geo-economic initiatives, Azerbaijan has become the most powerful state of the region. The State of Israel occupies a special place in a multi-vector foreign policy of Azerbaijan. Israel and Azerbaijan have developed a close relationship through strategic partnerships. Official Baku has repeatedly condemned and condemns all manifestations of anti-Semitism in other countries. Israel has repeatedly stated its respect for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan,” Head of the Baku International Multiculturalism Center in Israel, an international relations expert Arye Gut has told "Israel for the Week" program of RTVI international television channel.

In an interview with famous Israeli journalist Eugene Sauvé, dedicated to the Israeli-Azerbaijani cooperation, Gut highlighted the level of political dialogue and economic cooperation between the two countries.

"Israel and Azerbaijan enjoy excellent relations. During his recent meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in Baku, president of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder emphasized that Israel and Azerbaijan have developed sincere, very pragmatic relations and they continue to develop. For many years, Azerbaijan is in the state of hostilities with Armenia, which occupied 20 percent of its historic territory. It is no secret that Israel is actively involved in the establishment and development of Azerbaijani military industry. At the end of September, Baku successfully hosted an international military-industrial exhibition ADEX, where 14 Israeli companies were represented. The leadership of Azerbaijan pursues a very pragmatic and balanced foreign policy. Azerbaijan is in a very complicated geopolitical environment. In this maze of geopolitics, Azerbaijan should have its place under the sun,” he said.

“The Azerbaijani and Jewish peoples have a long and rich history of the relationship and the Jewish community of Azerbaijan is actively involved in socio-political life of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is an island of stability, multiculturalism and tolerance,” he pointed out.

The Israeli expert emphasized that Israel is one of the main consumers of Azerbaijani oil. "65 percent of the gasoline that we use today in Israel we get from Azerbaijan. In turn, Azerbaijan needs a modern Israeli high-tech agriculture, military industry, telecommunications and the list goes on. At the same time, both countries are promoting educational, humanitarian and cultural projects ", he said.

Asked about relations between Russia and Azerbaijan, Arye Gut pointed out that Russia and Azerbaijan have very good relations both on the political level, in economic and in humanitarian areas.

Speaking of anti-Israeli hysteria in Armenia, Gut said that even in Israel, the Armenian community held protests against the Azerbaijani-Israeli partnership. "Regarding the criticism of Armenia, I would have said that Azerbaijan and Israel choose their friends and partners and determine the level of strategic cooperation in the military-technical field themselves. No one has any right to interfere."

Arye Gut emphasized that President Ilham Aliyev has earned respect of a large part of both Israeli society and the world Jewish community for his commitment to a secular state, tolerance, respect for all religions and nations living in Azerbaijan, including the Jews.
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