DistractaGone helps with your smartphone addiction

DistractaGone helps with your smartphone addiction
16:34 19 Oktyabr 2016
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Smartphone addiction is a growing problem that often interferes with our personal and professional lives. DistractaGone is an ingenious solution that allows you to lock up your phone in a box that only opens after a set period of time, offering you a period without constant distraction.
Trying to get some work done, enjoying dinner conversation or even watching a movie can be pretty tough with your phone serving up distractions in the form of various notifications, but even if you’re the kind of person who just can’t stop checking their handheld every few minutes, there is still hope. Introducing DistractaGone, a smart box that locks up to four phones at a time and keeps them inside for as long as you decide.
DistractaGone is fairly easy to use. Just open the lid, place the phone inside, close it up and set the number of minutes or hours you want to keep it locked up for. After you press the lock button, you have five seconds to cancel, after which the only way to access the phone until the set period of time expires is to brutally force it open. Its makers, a team of designers from Amsterdam, claim that DistractaGone helps user find some peace, focus on their work and enjoy the company of friends and family.