Communications worker writes about Khojaly genocide and women’s role in Azerbaijan’s socio-political life in Jewish newspaper

Communications worker writes about Khojaly genocide and women’s role in Azerbaijan’s socio-political life in Jewish newspaper
18:34 27 Oktyabr 2016
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Another article by Durdana Agayeva, an employee of Baku Telephone Communications Production Association of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies who witnessed the Khojaly genocide, titled "Returning to School and Facing a Wide, Open World" was published in "The Jewish Journal" - one of the largest Jewish newspapers in the United States followed by 4.5 million readers - with the support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles.
In her first article titled "Shared promises: A collective Jewish and Muslim commitment for a better world", which was published on 26 July 2016 in one of the blogs of "The Jewish Journal", she wrote about  Armenia’s occupational and ethnic cleansing policy against Azerbaijan,  Khojaly genocide and the terrible events she witnessed in Khojaly.        
In this article the author, who was taken prisoner during the Khojaly genocide and then subjected to multiple tortures, says that she has undergone a long-lasting medical treatment since she was released from prison and  that all the costs associated with her treatment are being covered by the Azerbaijani Government.  
In her next article, which was published on 29 August 2016, Durdana Agayeva tells about the role of women in the social and political life of our country and multiculturalism and tolerance traditions in Azerbaijan.    
She says that the unpleasant events, like terrorist attacks, which are taking place today in many countries around the world, shouldn’t be associated with the religion because Muslims, Jews and Christians live peacefully together as one family in Azerbaijan.    
"Azerbaijan has the ancient and honorable history of women's rights.  The first Muslim girls' school in the Russian Empire was opened in 1901 in Baku. Women were granted the rights to vote in 1919 in Azerbaijan, a year before the same rights were given to women in the US. More than 50% of PhDs are women in the country", the article says.   
The article provides detailed information about the global activities of the First Lady of Azerbaijan, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva.
It also provides information about the first Azerbaijani female pilot Leyla Mammadova, emphasizing that she is the first female pilot in the Caucasus, Southern Europe and the Middle East.   
Also, the article gives information about the Supreme Court judge, Jewish-born Tatyana Goldman, MPs Ganira Pashayeva and Sevinj Huseynova.
"21 of the 125 members of the National Parliament of Azerbaijan are women, including Deputy Chairman of the Parliament Bahar Muradova. And this figures can be compared with the US Congress," the article says.
It should be noted that during her visit to Los Angeles last year, Durdana Agayeva had several meetings with the representatives of local religious communities, particularly with the representatives of the Jewish community.  During these meeting, she informed the members of these religious communities of the terrible events she had witnessed in Khojaly.