Scientists create robot that devours living organisms

Scientists create robot that devours living organisms
15:34 1 Noyabr 2016
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Scientists from Bristol University have created a soft robot that is capable of receiving energy from the absorbed their organisms. According to New Scientist, a robot created by analogy with the tubular organisms that live on the surface of the water.
“Mouth” of the robot is made of a soft polymer, with the help of the machine absorbs water with living organisms. The fluid then enters the stomach, which are the bacteria that convert the energy of organisms which feeds robot. Waste ejected through a hole in the back of the device.
According to experts, at the moment the robot can produce a small amount of energy, but scientists have been able to reduce the robot needs it, using the polymers for the manufacture of individual parts. It is also possible to increase the efficiency of microbial fuel cells, increasing their number in the car.
The researchers hope that the robot will be used in water pollution.
Previously, scientists have taught a robot to doubt the correctness of human guidance. After receiving the order, the robot does not immediately execute it, and first analyzes your skills and physical abilities to execute the order. Also considered the position of the robot in the system of relations “superior-subordinate”: the robot “thinks” whether he should do to fulfill this order. For that to happen, given the order must have the appropriate authority.