AdWords malvertising targets MacOS users

AdWords malvertising targets MacOS users
12:34 7 Noyabr 2016
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The Google Advertising detected malicious campaign aimed at Mac users. This is reported by experts from research firm Cylance.
According to experts, the fraudsters have acquired in AdWords advertising top places on request «Google Chrome», and the announcement is supposed to In fact, advertising sends users at, where the fake download page is located.
“Then a malicious download link leads the user to the macOS sites, and, which eventually is loaded virus file FLVPlayer.dmg», – experts say.
Whenever your hash malware changes that complicate its detection and tracking. Experts point out that Windows-based PCs users are theoretically at risk, as in their case, there is a redirect to Currently, the site displays an error due to a DNS failure, however, attackers can fix it.
With regard to the users a Mac, FLVPlayer.dmg file disguised pod FLV Player, is actually fake anti-viruses Macpurifier, informing the user about the presence of malicious software on the system and causes “mac users” to download and install additional applications.
Cylance Experts tell Google about what is happening October 25, 2016, and AdWord campaign was already locked. However, all users MacOS, who recently sought the Chrome, it is recommended to scan the system for malware.