Facebook develops censorship to control “Fake news”

Facebook develops censorship to control “Fake news”
20:46 23 Noyabr 2016
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Baku, November 23 AZERTAC

The software is not aimed at deleting posts, it just makes them invisible for other users, The New York Times said Tuesday citing three current and former Facebook employees.

According to Free Thought Project, decisions on such posts will not be made by Facebook itself – the company is allegedly going to enable a third party, likely a Chinese company, to monitor popular stories and to decide whether they have to be made invisible. The current and former Facebook employees noted that it was just one of several ideas the company discussed to re-enter China. Facebook as well as many other popular social networks such as Twitter and Dropbox remain blocked in China, which is potentially one of biggest market for them because of the huge population of the country.

Worse, what Zuckerberg wrote next should send chills down the spines of anyone who has ever been forced to deal with fallout from the social media platform’s already-rampant and oft-inexplicable censorship via erroneous and revenge reporting on posts, arbitrary unpublishing of pages, ghosting, and newsfeed suppression — as well as those who look to Facebook for alternatives to vapid mainstream media.

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