Baktelecom will present its latest innovations at ‘BakuTel-2016’ exhibition

Baktelecom will present its latest innovations at ‘BakuTel-2016’ exhibition
14:34 28 Noyabr 2016
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The participants of the International Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition and Conference “BakuTel-2016”, which will take place at the Baku Expo Centre from November 29 - December 2, will have the opportunity to become familiar with the innovations presented by the company Baktelecom at the pavilion of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies.  
Thus, they will be provided with detailed information about Baktelecom’s GPON technology based “The three of us” solution that provides subscribers with telephone communication, internet and digital television services over the same infrastructure.       
At the same time, the exhibition participants will receive detailed information on the service package and preferential tariffs meant for individual and corporate clients.    
Additionally, they will be provided with information on the works carried out within the project “Public Wi-Fi”, which is one of the large-scale socio-economic projects, network coverage and the terms of using the free internet.   
It should be noted that the broadband internet services that will be provided free of charge in public places for the first time in Azerbaijan will help people to spend efficiently their leisure-time.
Apart from that, the exhibition participants will get the chance to join the profitable campaigns launched by Baktelecom. 
The users of the fixed telephone service who connect to ADSL internet service and pay for the first three months will be able to use this service free of charge during one year after selecting one of the two services: “Number identification”, “Automatic answering incoming calls”.
The subscribers of ADSL internet service will be provided with 1 mbps, 3 mbps and 5 mbps internet, and those subscribers who pay for the first three months will be provided with the internet with the double of that speed during this period.