Viber has got the function of sending short video messages and search the stickers

Viber has got the function of sending short video messages and search the stickers
17:34 21 Dekabr 2016
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Messenger Viber has announced a new version of the app with the feature of sending video messages and search the stickers. The release of the new client version will be on iOS and Android in the near future.
With the increasing competition in the segment of instant messaging increased the pace of their development. The developers are trying to quickly implement new capabilities and develop those that already have competito rs.
In the near future the main market players will have to catch up Viber, which will get an interesting feature. Talking about the video. Audio messages on a mobile is no surprise. But to send messages in the form of rollers does not allow any such application of the most popular. More precisely, it is possible to record and send a video, but it is implemented slightly differently.
Viber will allow you to record short videosobscheniya lasting up to 30 seconds. Record and send a video just a function built into the chat window. The mode is activated once by pressing holding the button the voice message. When activated, automatically starts up the front camera and not basic, like send a video.
In addition, the new version will appear FOR sending stickers from third-party services. To access the quick search by typing @stickers or by clicking the ” @ ” symbol. Similarly, users can use third-party services in the chat. To do this, click on the icon “@” and select the service name from the list. Third-party services currently supported only on Giphy, TheMovieDB and Wikipedia, but the list will grow.
According to VTSIOM, messenger Viber is one of the most popular means of communication in Russia. The application is applicable for most mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

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