Microsoft reveals the final version of Edge browser

Microsoft reveals the final version of Edge browser
14:34 2 Fevral 2017
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Microsoft is gradually preparing for the release of the final version of Windows 10 Creators Update. Today presented the latest changes to corporate Edge browser, which traditionally include a number of minor changes without major innovations. The main visual difference is the organization of tabs, menu, history and open pages. All of them are always hidden from user’s eyes, but quickly called and provide access to a number of functions. For example, you can open tabs for a specific period of time, to see a screening of the website and to access the settings.
For a long time, Microsoft has introduced extensions support in Edge, but with a Creators Update, developers will have advanced tools for the implementation of new features.
Other important innovations include support for WebVR, which means native support for VR devices for watching videos and other multimedia content directly through the browser Edge. On the news about sales HoloLens is not excluded that developers will start to pay more attention to this component, and the Windows Holographic platform will get new features. In addition, Edge will be a special safe mode for online transactions when you purchase goods and services on the sites. The video also was shown an e-bookstore with the ability to read books directly on your computer.
The company did not disclose the exact date of the release of the final version of update Creators Update for Windows 10, however, it is hoped that this will happen in April.

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