Gmail to Stop Supporting Older Chrome Versions, Windows XP and Vista

Gmail to Stop Supporting Older Chrome Versions, Windows XP and Vista
13:34 3 Fevral 2017
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There are a huge number of users who for various reasons decide not to update the software. Many simply do not need new features, while others prefer not to touch something that works so well. But in the end, the developers stop supporting old versions, and users have to move to more modern solutions. So, starting next week, the mail client Gmail will no longer be supported on computers with the Chrome browser version 53 or below. The company Google announced in a blog post.
“Gmail users who are still on Windows XP and Windows Vista, likely to be affected by this change, since Chrome 49 was the last released version for these operating systems. As announced in April, and then in November of 2015, these systems are no longer supported by Microsoft. We therefore recommend you to switch to a more secure and supported platforms”, – stated in the message Google.
It should be noted that Gmail will still continue to work with older versions of Chrome, but users will no longer receive security updates, bug fixes and other important innovations.
The change will take effect next Wednesday, February 8. In addition, users who use Chrome 53 or older versions of the browser, to the end of the year will be transferred to the basic HTML version of Gmail.

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