Microsoft to stop supporting Windows Vista after April 11

Microsoft to stop supporting Windows Vista after April 11
14:34 15 Mart 2017
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Microsoft has officially confirmed that it will stop supporting Windows Vista after April 11th. This seems to be the last announcement before the company pulls the plug as it had made one last year as well. With this, all Vista users now have less than a month to start looking for alternatives if they don't want to get stuck with an unsupported OS.
With no official support from next month, Microsoft will not be releasing any more software updates, security updates, new features, fixes, and patches to Vista. It means while you can continue to use Vista even after April 11th, you will be doing so in a vulnerable situation. If the OS comes under any virus attack or security threat, Microsoft will not be releasing any official security patch or fix for the same after the deadline.
As for those who might be thinking that they have Microsoft Security Essentials, it should be noted that Microsoft has already made it unavailable to download for Vista. And if anyone who has it installed, it will be releasing antimalware signature updates only for a limited period of time. It means if you are a Vista user, there is no reason that you should not abandon the OS and upgrade to the latest Windows 10.
Windows Vista was first released by Microsoft about 10 years ago as the Windows XP successor. It failed to attract users miserably because of more than one reasons related to the horrible user experience among others. It was the reason that Microsoft had to release its successor Windows 7 only after a couple of years which proved to be quite successful. At the moment, less than 1% users are said to be still using Vista which means it is certainly not a huge number for Microsoft as it prepares to shut it down officially.

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