‘Smart Table’ from Panasonic - an individual portal to the world of IoT

‘Smart Table’ from Panasonic - an individual portal to the world of IoT
15:34 16 Mart 2017
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At a recent conference in Frankfurt, the Japanese corporation Panasonic revealed new details of the concept of "smart desk", debuting at CES 2017 in the US.
Using induction, projection and other technologies allowed Japanese engineers to turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a real portal for accessing the Internet of things.
Outwardly, the concept hardly differs from its "furniture colleagues". However, it can synchronize with the owner's smartphone, so that information about incoming messages and calls will be displayed directly on the work surface. If you want, you can take video calls on the table. The image quality can be from 4K to 8K.
Putting a discharged smartphone into an induction zone, you can recharge it. Or preheat a cup of coffee. A special menu allows you to manage the smart home system, smart appliances and applications directly from the table. Selecting this or that zone, the user will be able to see all the smart devices installed in it.
For example, by clicking on the "Kitchen" icon, he will see a smart refrigerator, microwave oven, sensors and their condition.
In addition, by connecting to the video surveillance system, the owner of the house will be able to check what occurs in his absence in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.
To ensure that people working at a smart desk do not suffer from lack of search for answers to complex questions, engineers have provided for the possibility of using an Internet browser.
According to the head of the European division of Panasonic Corporation Laurent Abadi, solutions like smart table, transparent TVs, smart wine cabinets and other Panasonic concepts, can become a reality in 4-5 years, reports Planet Today.

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