Amotech will start production of flexible batteries this year

Amotech will start production of flexible batteries this year
11:34 10 Aprel 2017
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The market of smartphones and wearable devices is going to become more flexible. Several large companies are now working on the development of various gadgets with bendable displays. However, to create bendable devices requires the same bending “filling”.
The specialists of the South Korean subsidiary of Amotech announced the completion of testing flexible lithium-ion battery, developed by our own technology. According to published reports, battery Amotech continue to work when twisting 180 degrees or flexion to the left and to the right by 20 degrees.
During the tests it was revealed that the new bendable batteries are practically insensitive to damage. The products were tested with nails and cut with ceramic scissors, and then the battery continued to function normally.
The company is preparing to release several variants of flexible batteries with a capacity of 42 mAh, 135 mAh, 650 mAh, 1000 mAh and 2,000 mAh. These models have been certified the international electrotechnical Commission IEC and the Korean Ministry KSC.
Representatives of Amotech also reported on the readiness of the imminent launch of the batteries in mass production. It is expected that the flexible battery will appear on the Chinese and Korean markets no later than October of this year.

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