The Boud PLUB Bluetooth Receivers Enable Wireless Use

The Boud PLUB Bluetooth Receivers Enable Wireless Use
11:34 11 Aprel 2017
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Minimal in size and style, PLUB headphones wireless receiver by boud is a Lego-size unit that transforms your cans from wired to wireless.
For those of us who want to lose the wires, but can’t afford to lose the cash on expensive wireless headphones, there is a seemingly small and affordable option called PLUB. While there are quite a few wireless receivers on the market, boud advises their unit sets itself apart by removing unnecessary features and only retaining the essentials.
 That being said, boud claims PLUB is the smallest, lightest, most affordable, and easy to use receiver. It weighs under 10 grams with dimensions measuring up at 12 mm X 12 mm X 48 mm. Even with its tiny stature, the Bluetooth receiver fits a battery of 120 mAh, which will power your headphones for up to 5 hours over Bluetooth 4.0.
PLUB is void of any buttons. In fact, the tiny unit doesn’t even feature an ON button. It automatically powers up and auto-pairs to the nearest enabled smart device when headphones are inserted into the 3.5 mm audio jack port. A single LED light on the opposite end of PLUB indicates when the receiver is on and when it is charging. Thanks to the simple design, the unit is compatible with any headphone that uses a cable with a 3.5 mm end.
If you’re concerned about the quality of your audio when listening to music or even taking calls, PLUB is embedded with a CSR audio system-on-chip (SoC) solution with aptX codecs. That means high-resolution audio with CD-like quality.
The itty bitty unit can be placed inside any pocket or purse as is and can attach to a clip for transport along clothing. PLUB can also be worn and stored in a neckband that users can easily wear at the gym, at work, or out and about.
Interested? Head over to Kickstarter and grab one of these cute receivers for $25 or a receiver and neckband for $27. Orders ship to backers September 2017.

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