Google Maps, Amazon and eBay stop supporting Apple Watch

Google Maps, Amazon and eBay stop supporting Apple Watch
11:34 3 May 2017
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Some big-name apps appear to have dumped their Apple Watch apps. That includes Amazon, eBay, Google Maps and Target, as first spotted by Apple Insider. The Apple rumour site didn’t say when the apps were removed from the Apple Watch but said some, like Google Maps, could have been gone for weeks.
Google confirmed it had removed support from Google Maps but suggested that move might be temporary.
“We removed Apple Watch support from our latest iOS release but expect to support it again in the future,” Google said in a statement.
Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, nor did any of the other app developers. It’s unclear why the companies decided to remove support for their apps on the Apple Watch, or whether Apple had a role in their decision.
Apple likely will talk about its watch software at its annual developer confab next month. It also reports earnings on Tuesday, but it has never detailed Watch sales in its quarterly financials.
Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin, who’s conducted research into Apple Watch usage, tweeted that analysts “have known for a long time certain apps (health/fitness) do well. Others don’t fit the use case yet.”
Apple launched its smartwatch two years ago with ambitious plans for the device, but the early software capable of running on the Apple Watch was limited.
The device hit the market in early 2015 with 3,000 apps in multiple categories such as family, travel, health and fitness, creativity, work and communications.

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