Yemeni southern resistance to be ‘improved’: military spokesman

09:27 6 Aprel 2015
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The coming days will see an improvement in the organization of Yemen’s southern resistance against Houthi militias, the spokesperson for a Saudi-led coalition battling the militants said, Al Arabiya reported.

However, Yemeni resistance forces lack the heavy weaponry necessary to combat Houthi militias, Gen. Brig. Ahmed Asiri told reporters.

Operation Decisive Storm warplanes continued on Sunday to airdrop arms as support for local armed groups in Aden fighting the Houthi advance into the city, Asiri said adding that the aerial bombardment of the militia throughout Yemen is still underway.

Separately, Asiri announced the establishment of a website and an email address dedicated to coordinating humanitarian aid into Yemen and evacuations.

He also said that the operation’s central command scheduled a time of departure for two Red Cross planes to leave for Yemen, but no one from the organization arrived.

As to the possibility of deploying ground forces into Yemen, the Ministry of Defense spokesman said the option remains on the table provided there is a need, adding that the aerial campaign has been fulfilling its goals. The coalition has been targeting routes leading to Aden in an effort to block any support from reaching Houthi militants, he added.

Separately, the military campaign stopped a Houthi attempt to take control of Aden’s port as coalition forces continue to monitor all Yemeni ports, Asiri said.

Answering questions on the role Saudi ground forces have been playing, Asiri said they continue to secure the border adding that Houthi militants have been digging trenches on the Yemeni side from which they have been sporadically shooting into Saudi territory‎.

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