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Two suspects dead in San Bernardino mass shooting, both identified - RT

Two suspects dead in San Bernardino mass shooting, both identified - RT

Tarix: 3 Dekabr 2015 13:51

Baku, December 3, AZERTAC
San Bernardino police have confirmed that two suspects – a man and woman – died during a gun battle with police officers following a shooting at the Inland Regional Center that left 14 people dead and 17 wounded, according to Russia Today. Police have identified the two suspects - now thought to be the only ones - as Syed Raheel Farook, 28 and Tashfeen Malik, 27, it was announced at a press conference.
The FBI is investigating the situation but have said they don’t know for sure if it is related to terrorism.
San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said the two deceased suspects were "dressed in assault-style clothing, armed with assault rifles and hand guns."
“We don’t have a motive. We don’t know ethnicity," he added.
Chief Burguan said the shoot-out occurred after investigators went to an apartment in Redland where a vehicle was seen leaving. Officers pursued the vehicle and engaged in a shoot-out with the suspects, leading to the death of one male and one female. An officer was injured, but his injuries were not life-threatening, said the police chief.
A third person was seen leaving the area and was taken into custody. Burguan said it is not clear if he was directly involved in the attack and he has not been identified.

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