The best tech to help you sleep

The best tech to help you sleep
12:34 16 Yanvar 2017
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A lot of the gadgets we saw at the recent CES, the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, had something to do with our favourite part of life — sleep.
If sleep has always evaded you, for whatever reason, there are companies that have come up with some things to help you sleep - and we don’t just mean a comfy pillow. Even if you’re already snoozing like a baby, these products will make your sleepytime even better.
SENSORWAKE ORIA. The Oria provides you with all the pleasure of scented candles without the fire hazard. Developed with fragrance company Givaudan, there are two scent modules that you put in the Oria: Relax and Restore.
By default, the machine will diffuse Relax for an hour, targeted at helping you fall asleep, before switching over to Restore. The latter is designed to improve the quality of your sleep. Both modules can last you for about two months before you need to get a fresh order. In future, the Oria could connect to sleep trackers to tell you how its presence has changed your tossing and turning. The Oria will ship in Q2 of 2017 for US$150 (S$215).
SLEEP NUMBER 360. This smart bed does a number of things all in the bid to help you catch those “Zzzz”s. It comes with a foot warmer to keep your toes toasty, detects when you’re snoring and self-adjusts till you stop, and even works with an app to wake you up in your lightest sleep phase. No more getting up on the wrong side of the bed.
Of course, it also comes with an app to analyse your sleep data and come up with a score called the SleepIQ. Good sleep doesn’t come cheap though; the Sleep Number 360 will cost US$4,000 (S$5,800) for the king.
NORA. Have a partner that keeps you up with his snoring but not in the market for an entire smart bed? Do your relationship a favour by getting the Nora. It comprises of a pad you place under the culprit’s pillow, a pump to put under the bed and a device to detect heavy breathing even before the snoring begins.
Once it does, the pad inflates to wake up the tissues in the neck and open up the airway. It deflates when it detects that the snorer has been silenced so don’t worry about waking up with a cramp in your neck. The Smart Nora is available now for US$260 (S$375).

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