How to protect a computer from hackers?

16:29 24 Dekabr 2015
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Download updates to the system

People who have electronic devices think about ways to ensure the safety of their equipment. Today, computers rank first place on the list of electronic devices exposed to external intervention. So let’s see, what can be done to protect computers from external intervention?

Experts recommend updating the entire system. They believe that if the system is not updated timely, then computers can be interfered through the gaps.

Use strong passwords

Experts said that in many cases interfere with user’s account and capture of passwords happen through their own fault.

Thus, many people put down their password and PIN codes on paper or  note on electronic devices such as  personal computers, laptops and smartphones.

Experts recommend using 10 characters long complex passwords. Digits, special characters, uppercase, lowercase letters are considered to be more appropriate combination. In addition, it is recommended the use of any biographical information (date of birth etc.), pet names or the sequence of letters and numbers, and refusal  of passwords based on dictionary words.

Be vigilant while online

According to antivirus experts, it is advisable to be vigilant while using the Internet to prevent the computer from infection with the virus.

For instance, when sending personal data or other confidential information you need to be sure of correct addressing.

At the same time, it is not recommended using the same login and password for different services, because seizure of information on a service account puts other services in danger.
According to experts, phishing is one of the main reasons of seizure of personal data and computer intrusion.

Note that phishing is a special type of cyberfraud that fraudulently steals users’ personal and financial information. Through fake web sites looking like bank sites or any other sites carrying out  financial transactions offenders  capture confidential data  such as user name, password or PIN codes and use them for their own purposes.

Careless users may access to fake authorization of popular Internet services and enter their account information. As a result, the data is automatically written to cybercriminals’ database.

Coordinate your account with mobile phone number

Experts recommend users coordinating their accounts with mobile phone number. Thus, if the user’s account seized, it is easier to restore access by mobile phone number.

Besides, coordination with telephone number in a lot of services makes it possible to use two-step registration process. In addition to password, the user enters one-time PIN code sent to the user’s mobile phone, which is a guarantee for security.

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