Winner of presidential scholarship: I feel satisfied with my choice

Winner of presidential scholarship: I feel satisfied with my choice
11:42 14 Yanvar 2016
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Elgun Yusifov was born in 1998 in Nijni Novgorod, Russian Federation. He finished secondary school with distinction. During school years, Elgun participated in numerous contests and achieved success. He took the first place during the contest held on Russian language and became the runner-up at the contests on Math, Economics and English language. Later he continued his education in Baku and joined the secondary school N1 named after N. Akhundov. In 2014, selected by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, Elgun joined the other two secondary school students to represent Azerbaijan at the International Youth Forum held in Belarus. Having gathered 695 points during the entrance exam Elgun was admitted to study Petroleum Engineering at BHOS. He is also the winner of the Presidential Scholarship.

- Elgun how did you find the entrance exam? What was your impression before and after the exam?

- The exam ran very smoothly as I was confident in my capabilities. After the exam I felt a kind of relief as I fulfilled the assumed duties thus having justified the expectations of my parents and teachers.

- What were the results of the trial exams? Did you and your family believe you could gather high points during the university entrance examination?

- In senior years, I was attending preparatory courses to be admitted to the university. As I successfully passed the final exams of the preparatory courses, I was allowed to attend the same courses for free on the final year of my studies. Even though the highest point I ever gathered during trial exams conducted by the State Students’ Admission Commission was 669, just 13 days before the entrance exam I hit the maximum 700 points. These results increased my confidence. My family expected at least 680 points during the entrance exam.

- What should a perspective student do to get more than 600 points and how should the specialization selection be made?

First of all, to gather more than 600 points during the entrance exam a perspective student should set a clear goal and be determined enough to achieve it. Second, I would recommend the perspective students to create a schedule and stick to it seriously to be able to properly manage their time. Third, a perspective student should completely master all course related materials. At the same time, the one who sets the above goal should concentrate more on studies, rather than on social nets. I think while making the choice of a major everyone should take into account his or her preferences and see how they correspond to the contemporary requirements never neglecting parents’ opinion. I would advise perspective students to exert every effort to be well prepared for exams and surround themselves with the people who would willingly share their knowledge with them. On my own example I can say that no efforts are done in vain. As the great Leonardo da Vinci once said: Luck belongs to the ones who keep on trying.

- Why did you select this very specialization and BHOS? What kind of goals did you pursue?

- I selected BHOS and Petroleum Engineering as this specialization is in high demand in Azerbaijan. I was also greatly influenced by the opinion of my friend Pernaz Selimova BHOS fourth year student studying Chemical Engineering. Moreover, I closely followed the education process at BHOS in the course of three years. Consequently, I’ve decided that that BHOS is the best educational institution in Azerbaijan and it is the very place where I would be able to gain the necessary knowledge. In addition, I would like to underline that the fact that my grandfather was a lecturer at the higher educational institution and my grandmother won a title of honorary teacher during the time of USSR, and special attachment manifested by all my family members to science inspired me to be industrious in studies and select the specialization full of challenges at the leading higher school of the country.

- What else would you like to advise the perspective students who wish to study at BHOS? What do you think about education at BHOS?

- I would advise everyone wishing to be a BHOS student to do their best for all-round development as broad-minded and intellectual students are highly valued at BHOS. I feel satisfied by my choice and I am convinced that I would never be disappointed.

- Where do you see yourself in future and what are your future plans?

- I am planning to continue my Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering abroad as I wish to be highly qualified petroleum engineer and thus serving my country.

- What do you do at your leisure time? Do you have any hobby?

- Since senior school years, I showed keen interest in astronomy and brain rings such as What? Where? When?. I also prefer to spend my leisure with my friends doing sports, watching movies and reading books.

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