Turkish President: "Highlight Armenians among the 30 million people who died in World War I and using against us is unacceptable"

Turkish President: "Highlight Armenians among the 30 million people who died in World War I and using against us is unacceptable"
06:43 24 Aprel 2015
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[ 24 April 2015 02:16 ]

Istanbul. Mais Alizadeh-APA. "Let the Diaspora ask 40,000 Armenian citizens of Turkey: are they oppressed by anyone in Turkey?", - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during his speech at the World Summit in Istanbul, APA's Turkey bureau reports

"We sacrificed in Canakkale whole generation. Everyone who died in this battle inscribed his name in history. In the history of little battles, there are few battles where human values ​​have been put to the fore. There were soldiers who, forgetting his wounds, bandaged the wound of the enemy, the enemy prisoners shared with bread and water. We have to seriously think about the important lessons that one of the bloodiest battles in history give for the future. Messages that we send after 100 years at the World Summit to our and the world community are very important. The allegations put forward against Turkey must do historians. Our main goal is to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies in the world", - R.T. Erdogan said.


Turkish President in his speech also criticized the mechanism of activity of the UN Security Council: "The world bigger than 5 Great Country" (five permanent members of the UN Security Council with the right to veto taken resolution- red.).


President Erdogan called on the EU and other international alliances and organizations to demonstrate even more active in solving global problems. "Turkey has already spent $ 5.5 billion on the Syrian refugees, while the UN assistance amounted to only $ 250 million. Where did had gone international Convention on Human Rights? All those who today ignores the events in Syria, share responsibility for this tragedy."


Noting that the terrorist group ISIL has nothing to do with Islam, Erdogan stressed the importance of restoring the territorial integrity of Iraq and the joint efforts of the international community in preventing terrorist attacks amazing country.


President Erdogan also said that Turkey holds the same position on the processes taking place in the Caucasus region and in Ukraine: "We do not believe that the EU can not cope with their own problems, is able to solve global problems."


Regarding the fictional “Armenian genocide” Erdogan said that Armenian forces at the instigation of various states massacred unarmed population in Anatolia in 1914-1915. "One response was the resettlement of Armenians in the southern regions. We are well aware of the disadvantages that Armenians faced in the resettlement process. The figures voiced by the Armenian side regarding the number of deaths during the events are unfounded, frivolous."


Turkish President also appealed to the European Parliament in connection with the resolution on "Armenian genocide": "Tonight, I appeal to the EU: Hey, European Union! You recommended Turkey to open its archives. I was prime minister for 12 years, and I am President since a year. In all my visits I have stated our readiness to open the archives. Let Armenia and other countries have also opened their archives. We also declare our willingness to open and military archives. We have nothing to watch out for, we declare that our ancestors nobody oppressed. Currently living in Turkey 80 thousand Armenians, half of which our citizens, and the rest came from Armenia. We do not expel from the country. Let asks Diaspora from 40 thousand Armenians who are citizens of the Republic Of Turkey: Are you oppressed by anyone? The Armenian Church in Akdamar, where they pray coming from around the world Armenians, was opened at expense of public funds, when I was prime minister. The attacks on our country malicious, they are unacceptable. We mourn for the victims while the Armenians as well as mourn for 4 million Muslims, murdered 100 years ago in the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Balkans. Fatalities during those events Armenians were citizens of the Ottoman Empire. How can we be proud of the death of our citizens? Attempting to separate Armenians among the 30 million people who died in World War I and using against us in order to incite hatred are unacceptable."

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