US smarter than Europe

US smarter than Europe
08:07 24 Aprel 2015
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Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 24

By Rufiz Hafizoglu – Trend:

Unlike Europe, which with closed eyes passed a resolution on the 1915 events without any historical evidence, the US was smarter and reaffirmed its previous opinion on those events.

On April 24 the US president refrained from calling the events of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire as "genocide". He stressed that he "repeatedly expressed his view on the events of 1915 and this position has not been changed".

As Harf said, some people expected to hear from the US a statement on the 1915 events, which would satisfy the Armenians.

“We certainly understand their perspective,” she said, adding that the US believes the approach it has taken remains the right one.

The US, of course, couldn’t have sacrificed its relations with Ankara for the 1915 events.

The United States, unlike Europe, is well aware that for Armenia and the Armenian lobby the 1915 events are only the “industry of genocide”.

No matter how much Armenia and its lobby make efforts to slander Turkey’s history their purposes are just an impossible dream.

And it should be noted that in contrast to the current year, in almost all the recent years, the “genocide”, each year placed on the agenda by Armenia and the Armenian lobby, was perceived by many countries as a tool used for improving the ranking in the election campaign.

So it was in the US and in France, which are considered the “fortresses” of the Armenian lobby.

But the US president, Barack Obama’s refusal to use the word “genocide” doesn’t mean Armenians will abandon the anti-Turkish propaganda, at least because in Europe, as in Armenia, there is a new generation of Armenians, who were zombified in relation to the Turks.

The US president’s refusal to use the word “genocide” means that the so-called genocide has retained its former status.

But why did the European Parliament adopt a decision that is aimed against the interests of Ankara, and the United States abstained from the decision?

There is no doubt that Ankara’s relation with the EU lies in the basis of the European Parliament resolution.

Official talks on Turkey's accession to the European Union resumed in 2005.

But if one traces the relationship between the EU and Turkey, the insincerity of the European Union on this issue is clear. Despite the fact that starting from 2005 to date, Turkey has implemented a package of 168 reforms for a full membership in the EU, the EU still continues to “feed” Ankara with promises of membership.

The Turkish authorities are well aware that the EU will never let Turkey join this structure. In addition, it is obvious for Ankara that the way to the EU lies only through the recognition of the 1915 events as “Armenian genocide”, which is absolutely unacceptable for Ankara.

But this does not mean that the country will do nothing regarding the countries that have recognized the so-called genocide. Turkish Minister for EU Affairs said that after April 24 Turkey will consider relations with a number of European countries.

It is possible that the matter rests namely in economic relations. Earlier, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that since 2015, European markets have become not so relevant for Turkey and Ankara will focus on three regions - the African countries, Asia and Latin America.

But relations with the US are of a different character.

Given the current situation in the region (number of armed conflicts), one can say that Turkey is the most reliable partner of the US in the Middle East. And it is proven by the words of Secretary of State John Kerry, who clearly said that Turkey is an indispensable partner of the US in the region. This statement was made during a visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu to the US on April 21.


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