CMO issues fatwa on Azerbaijani athletes participating in first European Games

CMO issues fatwa on Azerbaijani athletes participating in first European Games
14:58 19 İyun 2015
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[ 19 June 2015 15:41 ]

Baku. Mubariz Aslanov – APA. Taking into account requests of Azerbaijani athletes participating in the 1st European Games, the Gazi Council and the Scientific-Religious Council of the Caucasian Muslims Office (CMO) have made clear some issues of Islamic Fiqh and Shariah and expressed their attitude, the CMO told APA.

This year’s Ramadan largely coincides with the first-ever European Games being held in our country. “The advent of Ramadan is always a joy for the Islamic world. And we are pleased to see every year Azerbaijani athletes too join these acts of worship with patience and Taqwa (God-consciousness). However, this year’s Ramadan and the European Games’ period of intense competition overlap. In Ramadan, the Mujahid athlete of Islam can abandon fasting in order to stand firm against the opponent. In this regard, authentic sources say those who are unable to fast due to these reasons or need to break their fast can fast the days left after Ramadan. Because winning a fight against an opponent on the sports field, defending the homeland’s honor, and raising its flag are of compulsory and good deeds.


Azerbaijani Muslims believe that the victory of our athletes at the first-ever European Games is the most precious contribution to the memory of our heroes who sacrificed their souls for the homeland”.

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