Students to pay their tuition fees in electronic form

Students to pay their tuition fees in electronic form
13:54 15 Dekabr 2015
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The infrastructure capabilities of the Government Payment Portal, which was created by the Central Bank to enable physical and legal persons to pay taxes, fees, rents and other budget payments using electronic payment cards, have been expanded.

During the current phase of the project, which is being jointly implemented by the Central Bank and the Ministry of Education, a special information system was created at the Ministry of Education to provide centralized collection of tuition fees from university students. As part of the project, the system was integrated to the Government Payment Portal.

The information system enables pilot higher education institutions (Azerbaijan State Economic University, Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan Art Academy, Baku Slavic University and Sumgait State University) to automatically enter information on students in the central database and receive pay receipts. Any higher education institution, which is interested in ensuring the transparency of the process of collection of tuition fees from students, can join the system.

At the end of each working day, the system verifies the delivery of collected tuition fees to the corresponding accounts and informs the Ministry of Education about it. The Central Bank says that students studying at the public higher education institutions, which connected to the information system, including the public higher education institutions of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, are able to pay their tuition fees in cash at any place in the country through 2000 pay stations of Azerpost LLC’s 42 banks. They can also pay tuition fees in non-cash form through the Government payment Portal’s internet resource or the E-government portal using their payment cards.